Boys From The Dwarf #56: Twentica and Sam Sara

RED DWARF IS BACK! RED DWARF IS BACK! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, RED DWARF IS BACK! And so are Karen and Rick to talk about it. Which is not nearly as good, but what are you gonna do? Not listen? Pssh.

Extremely excited at the return of Red Dwarf, Karen and Rick discuss the first two episodes of Series XI, Twentic and Sam Sara. They also chat about their lives for the last few months and how their roles have completely reversed. Well, not completely. I mean, they're still the same genders. Or as close to the gender they're genetically supposed to be anyway. Rick is supposed to be a man, but he hates sports, doesn't care about cars and cried at the last Pixar movie. But listen anyway becuase YOU LOVE BIG BROTHER. I mean...RED DWARF!

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