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January 5th, 2018    

Tardis Tapes Ep 46: Flip Flop

Karen and Sam continue to work their way through the BigFinish Catalog. Flip Flop is a fun Seventh Doctor and Mel adventure that is chock full of time loops and paradoxes. 


January 4th, 2018    

Eh, It’s Something to Do: Almighty Johnson’s Ep 15 A Damn Fine Woman

Axl goes to sleep a man and wakes up a woman. He spends the day being sexually harassed by those nearest and dearest to him so he can learn what it is to be a woman... Or something. This episode is hilarious and a little messed up.


December 6th, 2017    

Boys From The Dwarf #64: Skipper

We're bummed. This is the last episode of Red Dwarf and therefore the last episode of this podcast. UNLESS they decide to put out MORE episodes. So to Dave, Doug Naylor and the cast and crew of Red Dwarf...DO MORE EPISODES! This week, Karen takes a seasonal job, Rick watches wrestling (big surprise), Rimmer travels trans-dimensionally, Lister becomes Captain, The Cat becomes a Rat and Kryten doesn't care. Surprise returns happen in this one so watch it! Then listen to this!


December 2nd, 2017    

Tardis Tapes Episode 45: Project Lazerus

The Doctor and Evelyn go back for Cassie only to get embroiled once again with members of The Forge. Sam and Karen catch up with each other and the Doctor in this fun, multi-Doctor storyline. 


November 21st, 2017    

Boys From The Dwarf #63: M-Corp

Hey there, ho there, hippy-how-how! Welcome to another episode of Boys From The Dwarf! This week, Rick falls behind on his DVR watching, Karen is flogging herself with a novel and they both cackle at how uninteresting people with lives are. Meanwhile, Lister gets old while everyone else is invisible. Enjoy!


November 10th, 2017    

Eh, It’s Something to Do Ep 17: He-man Vs She-Ra

Upstairs Dayna & Chris join us to discuss the merits of fur panties. We watched the Christmas special. Pity us. This one is a long one, but it is so worth it as we decide if we would recommend these shows to future generations, and cast a He-Man movie starring the Rock as Skeletor. 


November 10th, 2017    

Boys From The Dwarf #62: Mechocracy

Welcome back to Boys From The Dwarf! Or maybe hello for the first time for some of you. If this is the case and this is in fact your first episode of Boys From The Dwarf that you are listening to, go back to the beginning and listen from there. Like, episode 1. Seriously. And be quick about it, you have a lot to catch up on. I'm not saying you'd be completely lost if you start from here, but I don't want to have to sit around all day explaining to people what "Fuck off back home" means or why we like banana sandwiches so much. So go back to Bys From The Dwarf #1: The End. Then come back here. I mean, after you've done all the rest. Its no good just listening to that one episode then jumping right back here, is it? Seriously, what would be the point of that. So don't try doing it. If you do...I'll know.


For the rest of you...Hi.


November 10th, 2017    

Eh, It’s Something to Do Ep 16: Almighty Johnsons “Death’s Cleansing Embrace” Ep 14

Eva's dead and now we have to deal with the fallout. Your exhausted hosts make a valiant effort to be hyper and entertain you. Stories about the dentist, and house painting, and babies abound. 



November 7th, 2017    

Eh, It’s Something to Do Ep 15: Almighty Johnsons “Charlie Truman” Ep 13

The problem of Eva gets out of control. Gaia's father comes to try and convince her to go home. Karen and Rick talk nonsense. Y'know, same old same old.


November 5th, 2017    

Boys From The Dwarf #61: Timewave

It's the BFD in the place to be! This week, Karen and Rick discuss their Halloween party adventures, Lister does the Rimmer salute, The Cat is arrested for calling someone an asshole, Kryten collects dust particles and Rimmer meets his own criticsm. Enjoy this audio banana sandwich!


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