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July 21st, 2017    

Tardis Tapes Episode 40: Jubilee

The Doctor and Evelyn turn up in time to celebrate the end of a Dalek invasion that the Doctor helped thwart, only the Doctor doesn't remember it and England is a weird place full of nutbars. Karen and Sam discuss season 10, Jubilee and where they are in the regeneration cycle chart.


July 17th, 2017    

Eh Ep 6: Almighty Johnsons Goddesses, Axl, Come in All Forms

THOR!!!! The brothers finally meet the god you've all been waiting for and he is batsh#t insane. Hammers, rabbits, goats, and THOR! On the hunt for the Frigg, the brothers find themselves at a funeral for a granny. Is her granddaughter the Frigg? Karen and Rick gush about Thor. 


July 14th, 2017    

Eh, It’s Something to Do Ep 5: Almighty Johnsons That’s Not Washing Powder, My Friend

This episode is full of cocaine. Karen & Rick discuss the silliness that is the continuing saga of Axl being too nice of a guy in a world of messed up almost gods.


July 11th, 2017    

Tardis Tapes Ep 39: Bang Bang a Boom

This hilarious sci-fi parody had Sam and Karen going crazy. Big Finish really out did themselves with this 7th Doctor and Mel episode set pre-sneaky Doctor world. 


July 3rd, 2017    

Eh, It’s Something to Do Ep 4: Almighty Johnson’s You Gotta Love Life, Baby

Rick and Karen continue to love Almighty Johnson's although Karen is not impressed with the men's behavior this time around. Random silliness ensues.


July 1st, 2017    

Tardis Tapes Episode 38: The Church & the Crown

The Doctor wants to take Erimem home but the Tardis has other ideas and drops them in France. Peri gets into trouble. Loads of fun ensues! Sam loves historicals. Karen loves Mondas? Both enjoy this fun romp with Muskateers! FRom the Big Finish Main Range, The Church & the Crown features the 5th Doctor, Peri and Erimem. 


June 29th, 2017    

Eh, It’s Something to Do Episode 3: Almighty Johnson’s God’s Gift to Zebras

Sadly this podcast is old. It happens in April before Karen's trip to London. Also devestatingly it starts with a discussion about who is dead on Sesame Street. Then we review Almighty Johnson's and drift completely off topic. Enjoy!


June 28th, 2017    

Tardis Tapes Episode 37: Sandman

Sam and Karen review the Sandman, a fun romp where the Doctor gets to play the villian. Lots of tangents in this one and if you want our opinions on podcasts, at the end of the plugs we just wander down the rabbithole. 


June 16th, 2017    

Eh, It’s Something to Do Ep 2: Almighty Johnson’s 2.

Rick and Karen continue their coverage of New Zeland's Almighty Johnsons. Lots of philosophy and tangents in this one. Plus smooth jazz! Royalty free smooth jazz... I don't know man, just listen to it. What else are you doing?


June 15th, 2017    

Tardis Tapes Episode 36: The Rapture

Sam and Karen are back after a long hiatus of never having enough time to get together and record. They cover Big Finish's the Rapture staring Sophia Aldred & Slyvester McCoy. The discussion is pretty intense this week as Sam describes the episode as sorbet.


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