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February 2nd, 2017    

Heather & Karen Review Cool Sh!t 2: Fast Food

Upstairs Dayna & Chris join Heather and Karen on this extremely tangenty episode about Fast Food. We discuss the best FF burgers, fries, pizza and burritos. Also we go nuts about WaWa because we are Philadelphians. We also share our worst FF experiences. So take an antacid and join us for this one. (Karen prefers vegetables...)


February 2nd, 2017    

Tardis Tapes: Episode 34 Neverland

The long awaited and rerecorded: Neverland. Sam and Karen talk to you from the past and the future in this episode. Lots of fun! The 8th Doctor & Charley team up with Romana to fight the Never People. 


January 27th, 2017    

HKC Episode 1: Sneaky Pete Season 1

Welcome to Heather and Karen Review Cool Sh!t. We are joined by Heather & Rick Connor to discuss how awesome Sneaky Pete's 1st season is and theorize on what could possibly happen in season 2. This is spoilerific, so do not listen until you have seen the show. 


January 4th, 2017    

Tardis Tapes: Episode 32 Time of the Daleks

We recorded this back in September. I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. But we are back on track now. Time of the Daleks has stupid time travel theories, Shakespeare and silver foil. Join Karen and Sam as they make fun of Daleks and gush about Justin Richards.


November 29th, 2016    

Boys From The Dwarf #57: Give And Take and Officer Rimmer

Red Bull, Vodka, Diet Coke, a Red Ikea Rug, two broke bitches and a monsterous love for Red Dwarf! Karen and Rick are back to discuss Give And Take and Officer Rimmer from Series XI! YAY!


November 25th, 2016    

Boys From The Dwarf #56: Twentica and Sam Sara

RED DWARF IS BACK! RED DWARF IS BACK! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, RED DWARF IS BACK! And so are Karen and Rick to talk about it. Which is not nearly as good, but what are you gonna do? Not listen? Pssh.

Extremely excited at the return of Red Dwarf, Karen and Rick discuss the first two episodes of Series XI, Twentic and Sam Sara. They also chat about their lives for the last few months and how their roles have completely reversed. Well, not completely. I mean, they're still the same genders. Or as close to the gender they're genetically supposed to be anyway. Rick is supposed to be a man, but he hates sports, doesn't care about cars and cried at the last Pixar movie. But listen anyway becuase YOU LOVE BIG BROTHER. I mean...RED DWARF!


November 6th, 2016    

Tardis Tapes Episode #30: Embrace the Darkness

Well it's all Karen's fault that this isn't up. We recorded this back in August. It's here now! Charley and the Doctor run away from Time Lords, and deal with creepy voices in Embrace the Darkness. Karen wants to drink history. Sam wants the Doctor to stop swanning off and help at the end. Everyone has fun!


October 18th, 2016    

Boys From The Dwarf #55: Hitchhiker’s Guide BBC Series #3

Yeah we forgot to post the last one. Sorry. Here it is. We'll be back when Americans can get Red Dwarf without illegal means. Or maybe before. Don't judge us! Judgey McJudgerson!


September 25th, 2016    

Tardis Tapes Episode #30: Seasons of Fear

More 8th Doctor and Charley fun! Charley and the Doctor finally make it to Singapore to meet Alex but instead the Doctor meets an enemy he hasn't made yet. Karen and Sam love Charley's sword and silliness. They also spoil some stuff for the Capaldi seasons so be careful. 


September 15th, 2016    

Tardis Tapes Episode #30: The Chimes of Midnight

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas!!! It's a Christmas Episode in September! Charley & the 8th Doctor materialize in a cupboard. A girl is murdered and no one cares. Is this related to the strange mistakes in time? Yep. This is a great one although Karen & Sam go off on a StarWards Tangent. Enjoy!


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