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September 7th, 2016    

Tardis Tapes Episode #28: Invaders from Mars

Sam hits us with all the historical knowledge this week. Both gush over Mark Gatiss. The 8th Doctor pretends to be a gumshoe and Charley is drugged for a second time. Silliness ensues. 


September 2nd, 2016    

Tardis Tapes Episode #27: The One Doctor

Mel and the Doctor go to the boring end of time and space to find out that the Doctor is already there with his faithful companion 'Sally-Anne.' Sam and Karen loved this one and gush on and on and on about it. Enjoy!  


September 1st, 2016    

Tardis Tapes Episode #26: Primeval

Nyssa is deathly ill and the doctor takes her to get help from her own people 3000 years before the Master blows it up. Sam loves all things Nyssa. Karen spoils 30 year old episodes of Doctor Who including Timeflight, Terminus, The Black Orchid, & Keeper of Traken with some not so oblique references to Kinda. Yeah it's a Peter Davison ep, what did you expect? Nyssa in a bikini?


August 28th, 2016    

Tardis Tapes Episode #25: Colditz

Ace and the Professor face Nazis this week in Colditz. One of those Nazis just happens to have a future as the 10th Doctor. David Tennant makes an appearance in this one making it hard for Karen to hate this particular Nazi. Yipes. Sam loves history and this is a fun one full of paradoxes. Also Karen admits to being wrong. This is very unusual.


August 28th, 2016    

Tardis Tapes Episode #24: Eye of the Scorpion

Peri and the 5th Doctor find themselves in ancient Egypt where Peri hits everything with crockery. We meet a female pharaoh and a villain who shouts a lot in this fun filled romp in Thebes. Karen cannot get over how awesome this is. She literally says, 'great' a million times and was promptly murdered by Sam for being annoying straight after this recording. Enjoy! Also Erimem!


August 22nd, 2016    

Boys From The Dwarf #54: Hitchhiker’s Guide BBC Series #2

Greetings and welcome to Boys From The Dwarf! This week, Karen and Rick go over the third and fourth episodes of the BBC Series The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy! Also Karen goes to the beach, Rick does some demolition and we distribute manpons for out grouchy male friends.


August 17th, 2016    

Tardis Tapes Episode #23: Project Twilight

This is it guys: VAMPIRES!!!! Evelyn and the Doctor got to get some lovely takeaways and end up sucked into helping cure vampires! Karen and Sam love vampires and gush about them and Paul Cornell's Novel: Goth Opera. Everyone's in a good mood tonight!


August 13th, 2016    

Boys From The Dwarf #53: Hitchhiker’s Guide BBC Series #1

Welcome back to the Don't Panic series of Boys From the Dwarf! In this episode, Karen and Rick start the breakdown of the BBC television series of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Also, Karen can't eat sugar, Rick is unemployed, Karen loves Dr. Who and Rick has a wrestling podcast. Please enjoy this brand new podcast adventure.


August 11th, 2016    

Tardis Tapes Episode #22: Blood Tide

Bad accents, awesome writing and silly references to the 5th Doctor being more murdery than the 6th. Karen & Sam laugh about how energy weapon sounds are a dead give away. This is a fun historical! With turtles!


August 3rd, 2016    

Boys From The Dwarf #52: The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Movie (2005)

Welcome back to Boys From The Dwarf! This week, Karen and Rick talk about the 2005 movie The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! Also, Karen sees Guns N Roses, Rick might go back to the job he hates and they both hate on singing dolphins.


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